Friday, May 14, 2010

Fabulous find friday, The Fleabag.

Shira Entis, a fashion designer and lover of all things tiny and over-sized, and Alex Bella lawyer and seeker of adventures craved a convenient and fashion-hot tote that could fit all of their wares. Fleabags are designed as their ideal solution - dapper, large, lightweight and sturdy carry-alls - that are also eco-minded. Thus the brand Fleabags began in 2009 while both still worked their day jobs in New York City. These are so fabulous! I gotta have one. They are stylish, practical and so chic. This bag would also be great as a diaper bag, check out the girl below

Here are few of my favorites below, Also look how nice and wide they open up. Wow! I would actually be able to see what I am pulling out of my purse. They also make a style called the Salt bag which I loved as well.

The Salt
Rock Denim

Have a fabulous weekend !
Xoxo CC

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