Thursday, May 6, 2010

Faboulous find friday, The Hotchocspoon

Mirjam Schroeder and Toussaint Claessens, founders of Chocolate Company, started their first Chocolate Company in the German city of Aachen. It was in the little kitchen in Aachen that they came up with the idea of the Hotchocspoon. Up until then they had been making various flavoured chocolate drinks in large hotpots, which had to be filled, the chocolate had to be brought to taste and then the hotpots had to be cleaned again on a daily basis. They thought, Surely there must be an easier way. Something like single serve portions. Et voil√†! The Hotchocspoon was born. Back then they used to call it "The world's best hot chocolate on a spoon. The idea is simple. Place a spoon in a mould with delicious liquid chocolate. Let the chocolate solidify, remove the chocolate covered spoon from the mould and stir this through hot, full fat milk. Heavenly!

Don't you just want to go inside this charming shop and enjoy this yummy little confection in a mug?

  This is a Netherlands based company, but you can order the fabulous hotchocspoon in an array of flavors online.

These would make darling party favors! Think of all the cute ways you could package them to give to your friends.

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  1. Really cute chocolates! Fabulous if I may say. I'll definitely have to try and taste their chocolates. Thanks.

    Haley McAdams ISO 22000


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