Thursday, May 6, 2010

Art of the Trench

Since very long time ago the trench coat is considered as one of the most elegant and stylish pieces of clothing. Timeless, chic, basic but highly sophisticated, it kept its originality since it was born. Everything started back in 1856 when a 21 year old boy named Thomas Burberry opened an outfitters shop in Hampshire, England. Just 10 years later the shop had grown into an emporium. By 1880, Thomas Burberry invented a whether poof and tear proof fabric that he called gabardine.

With Art Of The Trench, Scott Schuman of Satorialist fame has teamed up with Facebook to create a fashion blog centered solely around the Burberry trench coat. The site features a colorful mix of photos with street walkers sporting the renowned and timeless trench. Many of them have tattoos, some are riding their bikes, and others have scarlet red hair. When you click on one of them, their snapshot becomes enlarged and the Facebook influence becomes clear – you can “like” or “leave a comment” and “share” the image. You can even sort the images by popularity, or weather! Burberry invites photographers and trench coat owners to participate in Art of the Trench. Trench portraits must be taken outdoors and feature you or a friend wearing a Burberry trench coat. There are no restrictions on photographic style or location.You can also submit as many images as you like. Burberry will select its favourites from the submitted images to feature on the site

The feature I love is the interactive history of the trench coat throughout the decades. It’s easy to miss, but if you look at the bottom of the page you will see a link that says “Story of the Trench.” From there you’ll be able to look at Burberry’s collections from the 1910’s to modern day

 Umm excuse me, how cute is this !
 Art of the trench

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