Monday, June 21, 2010

DIY Superhero Gift

I am back ! I had such a busy week last week. I hope you all had a wonderful Fathers day and enjoyed your weekend! I found this adorable little gift idea on alpha mom that I wanted to share with all of you . It was created by Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day. It may seem like a good superhero is hard to come by these days. Show appreciation for your real-life hero by gathering his favorite treats and put together a box of supplies from your own newly-created Super Hero Supply Company.  I know Fathers day is over but, you could put this together for any superhero in your life. Use it as a birthday gift or just because.

* Various Glassine and Cellophane Bags (found at a craft store)
* Your Super Heroes Favorite Treats -the labels (provided below) are pretty generic so you can rotate in his preferred flavor.
* Downloadable PDFs (provided below)
* Either Adhesive Paper or Glue
* A box for your treats, some ribbon and sizzle paper shreds

Step 1. Buy your Hero's favorite foods. We used Gourmet Rootbeer, Jerky, a King-Sized candy bar, and various munchies that we transferred to baggies
Step 2. Using our Downloadable Templates, print the labels onto adhesive label paper or print it out on regular paper and use Elmer’s Spray Mount.
Step 3. Cut out the label shapes
Step 4. Transfer the treats to the Cellophane and Glassine bags. Adhere labels to each item.

Step 5. Tuck them all in a box of your choice, and put on the address label .

Hero template #1
Hero template# 2

Jorden ferney also came up with these super cute little smores kits for project wedding

This one is on my next (to do list). I love it!

Thanks Alpha Mom
and Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy day!

Xoxo CC

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