Thursday, April 8, 2010

J crew's new fall collection 2010

Here is a little sneak preview of J Crew’s new fall collection for 2010, and a brief interview with Jenna Lyons the mastermind behind the ever fabulous clothing line

"I love shorts," Lyons admits. "I think they're so cute and sexy, and people get this idea that you can't wear shorts after it gets chilly. I happen to love that look (with tights), and it extends your wardrobe." The predominant tone in the presentation was olive. "I'm olive obsessed," Lyons says. "My olive fixation goes back to wanting to touch on the military moment." The Girl Scout influence also extends to accessories, hair, and makeup. "We let her earn brooches instead of badges," says Lyons. The models had a barely made-up but slightly flushed look and kind of brilliant braided bed head."I first learned to do a fishtail braid at Girl Scout camp," she says, adding that for the models, "We took the idea that you slept in it for three days and got twigs and flowers in your hair.

We cant forget the men

With summer not even here yet its hard to think about fall. But I cant wait to see the new line in person and I love what I see so far. What do you think? Let me know.
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  1. i'm going to try really hard not to get on my high horse.

    first of all - i LOVE j.crew.

    like love lOvE LOVE ...

    but i think its so sad how skinny their models are.

    the fashion world gives us (and our daughters) a RIDICULOUS message of what is an appropriate weight.

    i am so glad we (as mothers) can mold our little girls and help teach them what is healthy.

    now ... i must go eat some carrots and celery.

    ha ha ..


  2. i used to go into J Crew with you ALL the time and i can honestly say that i haven't been there since stella was a newborn at the U-Village one! crazy!!!


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