Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring clean your closet

Too many mornings we look in our closet and say "there is nothing to wear". Well, maybe its not that you don't have it, but that you cant find it? I know when my closet is freshly organized and everything is in order I feel much better about my clothing. We want our living room to be beautiful and our bedroom to be beautiful why shouldn't our closet be beautiful?

Lets start with closet rule #1

  1. Edit your closet! Get rid of anything you haven't worn in the last two years

  2. The ruthless edit, get rid of anything you haven't worn in the last year. Give those items away.

  3. No wire hangers! Your clothes hang so much nicer on a wooden hanger. It leaves less chances for those pesky creases in your clothes, not to mention it looks much more put together

  4. Organize everything from white to black or light to dark. It makes things easier to find and helps when putting your outfit together.

  5. Have an essentials drawer. Put all the things you need in it to maintain your wardrobe and your closet, see below.

To walk out the door looking like James Bond or Audrey Hepburn, you need the following closet tools:

1. Dedicated drawer for watches and jewelry
2. Cubbyholes for purses
3. Multiple hooks for necklaces, belts, and hats
4. Shoe inserts
5. Shoe kit (for a quick shine)
6. Shoehorn – a long one with a good handle
7. A lint brush
8. A clothes brush
9. A sewing kit and a box to store all spare buttons
10. A travel steamer
11. Extra laces
12. And, of course, a full – length mirror

Hope these tips help with your closet organization.

xoxo CC

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